1. topolskistudio:

    On our 6th session with Topolski Studio’s Residency Programme, Chloe Regan, a teacher who trained at the Royal Collage of Art, came to give us one of the Masterclasses. We spend the day looking around at people and shops on the South Bank, drawing in small squares to help us look at the lines we make.

    Geoff, one of my old tutors, said ”the best thing about illustration is that it enables you to engage with anything in the world and make art about it.” Looking at the South Bank with all the international visitors and views across to Big Ben and Trafalgar Square and the art galleries, it is a modern creative environment with older Victorian buildings. We are trying to capture these though drawing.

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  3. Working on a massive portrait of Dwight Schrute from The Office (American version)

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  5. enjoyed this one

    Edwood Burn 2014

  6. Ideas. Edwood Burn 2014

  7. Some things of recent.
    Edwood Burn 2013

  8. Stamp prints. Made 5 on a5, 5 red-ish stamps.
    Edwood Burn 2013

  9. Greta. Edwood Burn. 2013

  10. Experimental Life Drawing.
    uni workshop
    Edwood Burn 2013

  11. Popped into the V&A today and drew this marble sculpture.
    Thomas Banks “Thetis Dipping Achilles in the River Styx” 1790

    Edwood Burn 2013

  12. i put some life drawing online at www.cargocollective.com/edwoodburn

    Edwood Burn 2013

  13. lasercut woodcut 2

    Edwood Burn 2013

  14. playing…

  15. Laser-woodcut print on A1